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We always take pride in our work; we will never churn out a project just to get the job done. It's more important to us to have a handful of clients with which we can really make a difference, so we take projects that we can invest our time and skills in, and work in close partnership with you to ensure the services created are right for your clients.

By treating your clients as our clients, we always go above and beyond to provide the best service possible and work with you to realise your ideal online strategy.

Have an explore around and if you like what you see, or just have any questions you'd like to ask, please get in touch.

We're all about digital, we live it, breathe it & love it! Most importantly we know how to make it work for business!
Duncan Cook, Managing Director, 3 SIDED CUBE

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Our Process Digital Strategy

We've Got An App For That

You're in Safe Hands!

We're not blowing our own trumpet but when it comes to mobile apps, we really do know our stuff.

Mobile apps are an opportunity to talk to people in a whole new way.

To be precise, they are an opportunity to reach hundreds of millions of individuals through smartphone devices worldwide. The mobile app market is like no other and can give your business the potential to hit a mass market faster than any other platform.

Talk is cheap

We know talk can be cheap, so here are the results of our mobile App's to date.

Our Apps in the Press

Our Apps have had huge exposure in the press, here are some of the places they have been featured.

For a more in depth look at our apps, have a nosey here.

We build mobile apps for

If you are looking to put together a business case for a mobile app visit Mobile Statistics for update stats on the mobile market.

If you have a requirment for a mobile app and would like to know how we can help, please get in touch.

We've been amazed with the success of the App, you certainly could not achieve this response from a website in just a few days.
Justin Rocyn-Jones, Head of Marketing, Essilor UK

How We Do It

Our Process Digital Strategy

Making Complex Simple

Complex Web Apps. Simple Intuitive Solutions.

We take complex business issues, that need to interface with multiple back-end systems, and create beautifully simple user friendly solutions.

Web applications allow us to make systems that are designed especially to benefit the end user. If you have a specific function in mind we can design a system that provides an efficient solution to give your client what they need in the simplest possible way.

Our Examples

Some examples of web applications we've created:

If you have a requirement for a web application and would like to know how we can help, please get in touch.

It's our job to take the complexity out of projects and present clear, simple & intuitive solutions.
Peter Willis, Head of Development, 3 SIDED CUBE

How We Do It

Our Process Digital Strategy

Stand Out

It's all about results!

We build websites from the ground up, built around your objectives.

Your target audience matters. Your site is a portal to talk and engage with your target audience. We get into the mindset of your audience to build sites that cut out the clutter and focus on what's truly important.

Functionality matters. Anyone using your site should find everything a pleasure, whether it's finding the information they need quickly and easily, filling out a form or interacting with your site. That's why we spend extra time on the design and functionality to make sure it's all intuitive.

The details matter. The smallest things can often have the biggest impact - that's why we spend time refining and fine tuning our sites to provide the best user experience possible.

The bottom line matters. Our focus is always on the end-game, once we know your objectives, everything is built around to ensure those objectives are met. To get more detail on how we work to achieve this, please take a look at our process.

Additional Services

We also offer additional services:

If you would like to find out how we can help, please get in touch.

There's no point designing a beautiful site if it doesn't engage. When you're after a website you have clear objectives of what you want to achieve. We're all about delivering that!
Phillip Caudell, Head of Design, 3 SIDED CUBE

How We Do It

Our Process Digital Strategy

How We Do It

Our Process


This is the underlying element of every project. We start every task with clear goals, and establish a core essence that will be consistent throughout the process.


We always do our homework. We question, we aren't afraid to challenge, and we fuss over the detail, because if it matters to your client, it matters to us.


We look at the best way to implement a plan that suits your needs. Developing a regular flow of consistent communication during this phase is really important to integrate our plan with your objectives and keep you up to date as your project advances.


At 3 SIDED CUBE functionality and creativity go hand in hand. We think outside the box to design innovative online solutions that effectively do the job and enhance the image of your brand.


This is where our experience really shines through; we simply know how to structure systems that work best. We have the technical expertise to make secure, scalable and stable online platforms from the ground up.


It's not the end once your system is living and breathing on the internet. From the moment your media goes live we'll offer our support and expertise to make sure your client receives the best digital experience possible.

Every agency has a process, what makes us different is our creativity. By focusing on your clients/users we make sure we get the underlining vision right, get that wrong and it doesn't matter how good you are at the rest of the process you are doomed to fail.
Duncan Cook, Managing Director, 3 SIDED CUBE

How We Do It

Our Process Digital Strategy



A good digital strategy speaks with one voice. Alignment of all your digital platforms is key to forming a strategy with a cohesive and clear message.

We put our knowledge and experience into creating a rock solid strategy. Whether you're after a revamp or starting from scratch, we understand the online world, what works and what doesn't.

These are the typical digital outlets for businesses:

If you have a fantastic website, that's good. But it's not effective or reaching its full potential unless all of your other digital outlets are functioning effectively to support it. It's like Batman without Robin, it just doesn't work.

We don't just have one digital strategy which we apply to every business. Every strategy is individually created to suit your company and your needs.

If you want to find out more about how we can help, please get in touch

Our team have grown up connected, they live and breathe digital, so really understand how each digital element should work together to create a clear and cohesive message.
Duncan Cook, Managing Director, 3 SIDED CUBE

How We Do It

Our Process Digital Strategy